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Croatia Kornati Islands Dugi Otok (Author: Ivo Biocina)
Croatia Kornati Islands Sukosan (Author: Ivo Pervan)
Croatia Kornati Islands Zadar (Author Luka Esenko)
Croatia Kornati Islands Murter (Author: Ivo Biocina)

Yachtcharter Croatia - Sailing through the thousand islands in the Adriatic

Itinerary Croatia Kvarner and Zadar-Archipelago 155 sm

The completion of the long coastal highway to Dubrovnik and the more frequent and cheap flight possibilities to Split impacted the distribution of charter fleets in Croatia in the past years. And just like this, the beauties in the northern Adria have been shifting out of focus. However, old cities such as Cres and Rab, Krk and Mali / Veli Losinj and the more remote island islands Susak, Premuda and the long island Dugi Otok remain among the top sailing destinations on a trip in the Croatian waters. Not to mention the Istrian cities with Roman and Venetian remains and the opportunity to sail to Venice within a week.

Find our itinerary for the waters between the southern tip of Istria and Zadar, starting in the charterbase of  Pula or Pomer, in the inner base of Medulin.

Kvarner and archipelago of Zadar 155 nm

Day 1 – Island Unije, Island Losinji, Mali or Veli Losinj
Total 35 nm

Following the old rule of thumb the furthest point of the trip should be reached after a third of the time. Therefore the first 2 stages are rather long compared to the later ones. However, today's yachts are so big that only strong, continuous wind from straight ahead should change your plans.

A trip from Pomer towards the archipelago starts with a short stretch on the open sea. After 15 nm you made it over Kvarner, and can dock in Unije. This island is rather flat, with just so 100 m at the highest altitude and the southern tip of the island is a sandy loess ground, highly unusual since most Croatian islands are rocky. Until today the small town is dreamy, a perfect place to anchor and bath before you move on to Mali Losinj. This popular and lively harbour on the island Losinji became connected to Veli Losinji, a small harbour, through the narrow streets and passages on the island.

Day 2 – Island Premuda; Island Dugi Otok, Veli Rat

Total 40 nm

While leaving the anchor ground in the morning
you will see an island that looks like a brick in the water: Susak. It is one of today's destination. Then you pass by the outer coasts of all the island which line up with Dugi Otoks northern tip: Premuda, Skarda, Ist and Molat. For a bathing stop you should head to Premuda, just below the town, at the dock for ferries behind the reef the water is beautiful tourqoise.

Today's goal, Veli Rat, in the north of Dugi Otok. Here is a small township with guesthouses, a large amount of buoys, a marina and an impressive lighthouse which can be visited.

Day 3 – Island Molat; Island Silba
Total 25 nm

If you are up early, you can take a walk to the church in Molat. It has a beautiful yellow bell tower and its location offers a wonderful view over the surrounding islands. Be aware that you will need quiet some time for Silba, the island of captains. Except for the times of a strong Bora you find a good spot in the small western harbour. There are plenty of restaurants to visit, as well as the "lover's tower" with its circular staircase on the outside of the tower. The western harbour itself is also very interesting.

Day 4 – Ilovik
Total 10 nm

Arrived to late for a hike around the island yesterday? Feel free to do it today. Or have a quick trip to the Island Olib right opposite. If you don't want to dock in the harbour anchor next to the pier for a swim or a hike around the flat island. Once done, hurry on to the island Ilovik, where you will find one of the biggest buoy areas of Croatia , right next to the harbour. The ice-cream stand is iconic, and there are plenty of restaurants near the harbour.

Day 5 – Cres, southern tip, Osor
Total 20 nm

Time to think about heading back to the base. This trip is spiced up with the passage through the channel of Osor, between Losinju and Cres. Take a stop in a bay south of Cres. Osor is a pretty town, you can find a Venetian lion on a wall of a building in one of the alleys. History for the living. For your overnight stay you can pick between a buoy or the small harbour.

Day 6 – Pomer
Total 25 nm

Pick up some bread rolls in the morning and sail by the swivel bridge at 9 am. Following the bridge, be aware of the strong currents while sailing through the short channel.
Who doesn't love a nice swim at the end of the trip? The bay of Portic, at the west entry of the bay of Medulin is the perfect spot.

Provisioning order on your yachtcharter in Croatia
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Please note that this is a suggested itinerary and not all yachts have the necessary licences / insurance to call at all destinations / islands.

Please clarify this with the charter company before planning your trip. You will receive the necessary papers for your route planning from the lessor before the start of the charter, so these must be requested from the hirer / skipper in good time. The terms and conditions of the lessor / yacht owner and, if applicable, their restrictions apply.