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Gauguin - Bug Seite
Lagoon 570 Feng Shui Seychellen. Catamaran with crew / cabin-cruise
Gauguin - Salon und Terasse
Experience the underwater world by snorkeling
Gauguin - Terasse Profil
Cabin cruises
Comfort and sportive sailing

Comfort Sailing (Cocktail)

Cruises in this category take place on our comfortable catamarans. Upon your arrival you will be greeted by the crew, who will show you to your comfortable cabin. Cabins are shared between two people and include a shower and toilet. The catamaran is equipped with an inviting saloon, a spacious cockpit, and a large sun deck. Full board and a drinks package is also included in the charter. For leisure activities a variety of water sports are available at your disposal (snorkeling equipment and sometimes kayaks) as well as audio equipment.

The cabin cruises are organized in a way that leaves ample room for you to engage in other activities besides sailing. Cruise organization will also leave you enough time to embark on an on-shore exploration. This is the reason why sailing times won't be too long and will take place only under optimal conditions. The crew consists of two or four members, a skipper, a hostess or cook and, on the largest yachts, a deck hand. Bigger yachts will have a larger crew with them. The crew is selected according to its professional experience, its knowledge of the waters, and its magnificent service. The relaxing atmosphere, the comfort of the boats and the wonderful islands will guarantee you an unforgettable sailing holiday.

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