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Baltic Sea

Yachtcharter Baltic Sea - Always a fresh breeze

The Baltic Sea is ideal for sailing.
It is not as rough as the North Sea and yet much bigger than an inland lake.

Thanks to formative processes during the Ice Age there is now a very diverse coast with steep banks and beech trees, green slopes, as well as blooming rape fields and difficult riffs. In the Ice Age gravel and stones from Scandinavia created this impressive landscape.

But you can also find vibrant beaches, camping sites, parks, old castles, and cathedrals here. The spacious and well equipped yachting harbors and marinas offer the sports sailor all comfort that can be offered.

Yachtcharter Baltic Sea

Marina Minde, Flensburg, Laboe, Kiel, Lolland, Felster, Greifswald, Rostock, Stralsund, Lauterbach (Rugen), Marina Wendtorf (Kieler Förde), Fehmarn

Partner base:

Lauterbach (Rugen), Marina Wendtorf (Kieler Forde), Fehmarn

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