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Anchoring and swimming in a Turkish bay

Yachtcharter Turkey Sailing along the Turkish coast

Cruise from Mamaris

The realm of the 1000 bays

Azure waters and the sail standing strong in the warm Meltemi winds. Old scenic towns and historic sights, harbors, marinas, and lonely bays – this all makes up the sailing cruise in Turkey. Over 7000 km of coastline, but the most popular area is actually rather small, the southern Aegean in south western Turkey. Easily accessible by the Dalaman airport you can conveniently start in the former Bestsail bases Marmaris or Fethiye as well as in the charter bases of many other partners. If you decided to go for a sailing trip here you will swim, sunbath and relax. You will moor in small, dreamy bays on old wooden piers and enjoy the Turkish cuisine in the local restaurants.

A cruise from Marmaris

If You start in Marmaris you will notice that this departure base developed from a small fishing village to a tourism center. Your Advantage: You can find everything you possibly need for your cruise from Marmaris. You will sail by the almost 11 km long beach of Marmaris and turn towards a totally different face of these sailing waters.

Stroll on the islands Bozburun and Resadiye

When sailing towards south you will see the peninsula of Bozburun on starboard, with its rough coastline and the thick Macchia on the hillside. Maybe you would like to stop at the small and cozy harbor town of Bozburun - roman-catholic, with your own anchor, typical in the Turkish harbor towns. Following Bozburun move on to the peninsula Resadiya. If you didn't notice before, you will find out here. In this area of the southern Aegean you can set the soul free. Sail through this beautiful, almost uninhabited countryside, here you even can find insider tips, but more on this later.

The 70km long and sparsely populated land tongue, which stretches far into the sea is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the entirety of the Aegean, especially among the sailors in Turkey. In these protected bays of the Peninsula Resadiya you can find pines, cypresses and frankincense trees. In the midst of them you will find Datca, a small friendly harbor town, main town on the peninsula and the only “real” town wide and far. Until recently it was difficult finding a spot in the harbor, but in 2014 things will change with a new marina. Datca's new marina shall offer 400 berths, all required services, restaurants and even a swimming pool.

Traces of history with your yacht charter Turkey

You sail onward towards west. After some time you will find the end of the peninsula, the spot where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean. Here you can dock south of the ancient city of Knidos in a beautiful bay or at one of the piers. In between the ragged rock formations you will find the ancient remains of the town. A small theater, the acropolis, and the remains of a Odeon. Here Sostrates designed one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Insider Tip: Sailing from Turkey to Greek

Most sailors return on this point. However, if you have more time you should sail towards Symi, the probably most beautiful Greek island of the Dodekanes, or the Gökova bay. Here is our insider tip for you, the Yedi Adalar. These seven Islands are located in a spacious lagoon in the east of the bay. You will find more frankincense trees on the coastlines of the islands. Close by you also will find the Amazon Fjord surrounded in the midst of pine trees and the Kargilibük Limani, an all around well protected area for sailors.

Restaurant Tip for your sailing holiday from Marmaris

The Aurora Restaurant in the south west of the Selimiya bay in the Hisarönu bay. Host Hüseyin did study at the TU in Berlin, his wife Suzan is from Sweden – together they run the Aurora where You will find an excellent Turkish cuisine.

The Dirsek Bükü Restaurant is located in the Hisarönü bay. Instead of looking through the menu you will look in the pots and pans of the chef and order what looks the most delicious.


Please note that this is a suggested itinerary and not all yachts have the necessary licences / insurance to call at all destinations / islands.

Please clarify this with the charter company before planning your trip. You will receive the necessary papers for your route planning from the lessor before the start of the charter, so these must be requested from the hirer / skipper in good time. The terms and conditions of the lessor / yacht owner and, if applicable, their restrictions apply.

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