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spanish facings
Bavaria in a bay on Palma de Mallorca
street art in Barcelona
crystal clear waters surrounding the Balearic Islands
historic city centre in Spain
La Lonja marina
Museu de Arte Contemporanea, Fortaleza de Sao Tiago
View from the mountains over the fortress and the sunrise
Sailactive´s Lagoon 500
La Lonja marina and Cathedral of Palma
Spanish Islands

Yachtcharter Balearic Islands and Canary Islands - Unique Sail Areas

Yacht Charter Itinerary from Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Beach and mountains

Why travel so far when the good is close. Treat yourself around Palma, the perfect contrast program between heavenly anchorages and mighty cliffs at the foot of the Tramuntana mountain range. And don't forget the capital of the city - Palma de Mallorca.

Palma de Mallorca

Your sailing cruise starts in one of the most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean: Palma de Mallorca. Even from the moorings of the charter yacht in the small, cozy Marina Naviera Balear, on the sea boulevard Paseo Maritimo, you have a beautiful view of the known cathedral, called Sa Seu, in English "the light". If you have time upon arrival or before departure, do not miss a visit. Next door you will find the Almudaina Palace, summer residence of the spanish king, art in abudance and the old town with its bars and restaurants - all is reachable by foot. For the provision, the gourmets like to go in the market hall in Santa Catalania (only open until noon) in the neighborhood of the charter base. Onshore winds predominate in the bay of Palma. In anticyclones they are caused by thermal effects. If a breeze comes from southwest, then the destinations in the southern tip of Mallorca obtrude, the order is variable:

Enough restaurants and supermarkets you can find at the places we mentioned before, the settlement above Cala Pi, Sa Rápita and on a larger scale in Colonia San Jordi. Enough protection against strong winds from the south are only in Marina Sa Rápita and on the islands of Cabrera.

You will have noticed: The sputhern tip of Mallorca is full of beautiful destinations and the list would be easy to expand, if you would  only sailing a few miles around the southern tip of the Cabo Salinas.

You would come quickly to the bays Cala Marmols, Cala de sa Comuna, Cala Llombards and only 8 nautical miles after the lighthouse of Cabo Salinas (with the most beautiful marine blue of Mallorca in front of it) would be reached Cala Figuera: the smallest marina on the island with only five berths on a short pier. But the town is much visited, the main attraction is the old port part.


the only spanish national park by the sea, you could dedicate a own chapter. Very nice is the view from the castle on the wide bay marina Puerto de Cabrera. There is a compact museum of the island history and a hiking tour to the lighthouse is a real recommendation. But above all if you have really nice weather without residual light you have at night a glorious starry sky!

Let's sail to Mallorca's mountains!

With a few miles distance to all the descriped places in the western entrance of the bay of Palma would be reached after 30 nautical miles and there you can find Cala Portals Vells. A large and branched anchor and beach bay which is very busy during the summer. Surrounded by high light rocks (with artificial caves) and also blesses with two restaurants next to the sandy beaches. If it is good weather it is nice to spend the night here. In order to take Mallorca's westernmost point in attack. Here destinations are waiting every few miles, leads the course along rugged and steep into the sea falling capes until the island Dragonera.

Possible destinations:

  • - Santa Ponsa with marina and popular place to anchor
    - Port Adriano, here the mega-yacht marina is the star, no other village is close to them
    - the Cala Fornells vis à vis of the Calla Santa Ponsa
    - Port d'Andratx, marina, local port, buoy field and places to anchor
    - Cala Egos, daily anchorage
    - Sant Elm, buoy field and bay to anchor with touristical village
    - Dragonera, an elongated island with mini-marina; nature park

Selection and order will pretend at the end preferences, time, and last but not least the weather. But if you have to decide, then the roadstead in front of Sant Elm included a side trip to Dragonera to Port d'Andratx are first choice. In Sant Elm, the scenic ensemble convince with the nearby foothills of the mountain range Tramuntana, whose continuation in the sea embodies the island Dragonera.

To climb the highest point to take a look on the vertical outer side, every drop of sweat is worth it. Port d'Andratx is a perfect place for an evening stroll and suffers only a little below the buildings of the surrounding hills.

The main distances:

  • - Palma - Sa Rápita, 25 natical miles
    - Sa Rápita - Cabrera, 15 nautical miles
    - Cabrera - Cala Figuera, 15 nautical miles
    - Cabrera - Cala Portals Vells, 30 nautical miles
    - Portals Vells - Santa Ponsa, 8 nautical miles
    - Santa Ponsa - Sant elm / Dragonera, 9 nautical miles
    - Sant Elm / Dragonera - Palma, 23 nautical miles

For your planning and bringing you in the right mood:

Portbook & Island Guide Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera; Martin Muth (Hrsg. und Autor), Ausgabe 2016, deutlich erweitert und aktualisiert, 328 Seiten, Broschur mit Fadenheftung, Format 21x28 cm, 800 Aufnahmen, darunter zahlreiche Luftbilder, 24,90 EUR, 26,50 EUR (A), 29,90 SFr.; ISBN 978-3-9817056-1-4
available at www.mallorca-pocket.com or directely by Barone Yachting.
All prices plus shipping.


Please note that this is a suggested itinerary and not all yachts have the necessary licences / insurance to call at all destinations / islands.

Please clarify this with the charter company before planning your trip. You will receive the necessary papers for your route planning from the lessor before the start of the charter, so these must be requested from the hirer / skipper in good time. The terms and conditions of the lessor / yacht owner and, if applicable, their restrictions apply.