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Bizarre rock formations along the islands
Lagoon 570 Feng Shui Seychellen. Catamaran with crew / cabin-cruise
Giant tortoises in the Seychelles
VPM - Bestsail Yachtcharter fleet ancoring at Mahé - Seychelles
Seychelles: impressive granite rocks
Sunset on a seychelles beach
Seychelles rain forest
The Seychelles: crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches
Gauguin - vor Coco Island
Anchoring at a bay
Eden Island Marina: Starting point and base of VPM - Bestsail Yachtcharter Seychelles

Yachtcharter Seychelles - Natural wonders inclusive

Itinerary sailing from Mahé through seychelles islands

Day 1: Mahé - Victoria

After your arrival and a cordial welcome at the base Eden Island Marina, your trip can start. First you visit Victoria, the capital. For a comfortable lunch you sail to the St. Anne Marine Park. This Park is a nature reserve area and will impress you with its fascinating underwater world. It's the home of more than 150 different fishes. In the afternoon you can go snorkling and explore the stunning nature-aquarium where no noisy water sports will disturb you. Here you anchor for the night (approximately 10 US$ or 10 € / person).

Day 2: Silhouette - Bird Island

In the morning you will have an extensive breakfast and sail to Silhouette. Here you can admire the nature of this inhabited but untouched island. Landing Fee approximately 20 USD or 20 € / person. Instaed of eating lunch on board you can go ashore and have a barbecue and take time to go swimming or snokling. After that, you move on to Bird Island.

Day 3: Bird Island

You arrive at 5.30 a.m. on Bird Island. You may for example deploy your time to go fishing. Following that, you could possibly visit the tortoises, the most famous of which is calles "Esmeralda". With her proud150 years of age, she is the oldest one on the Seychelles and of course worth a visit. (Landing Fee is approximately 40 US$ or 40 €/person)


Day 4: St. Anne - Praslin

Directly after breakfast your trip continues to Praslin. The Vallée de Mai is easily the highlight of your day. The palm trees there are imposing with their maximum height of 30m and 400 years of age. Afterwards, today's goal is Anse Lazio, in the North of Praslin. The beach here is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.



Day 5: Praslin - La Digue

Sailing to La Digue in the morning. This picture-book island will impress you

with its white sandy beaches and granite rocks. You should explore the island with a bike or traditionally with a taxi, which will be a bullock-carriage in this case. Cars are very rare.

Visit the coconout fabric in which you'll learn interesting facts about the contemporary advantage of coconuts in commerce. This farm was bought in the 70er from the German Herbert Mittermayer and is still used for kopra-fabrication. The coconut and its products have been the most important export good for the Seychells in the past. The kopra from the pulp is high in vitamines, mineral and micronutrients.

You'll find it in the cosmetics industry or in your food as a flavour enhancer. Not far from here you'll find the antique “House of Emmanuelle”, on which the correspondent movie was filmed. Watch out for the huge tortoises and enjoy the pictorial beach of “Source d`Argent”. Make sure that you do not miss the often photgraphed “yellow house” during your stay in La Passe, which is said to be one of the most attractive buildings in the archipelago. You will be amazed by the breathtaking sight of Anse Source d’Argent in the evening, around one hour prior dawn, when the light gives the captivating scenery a magical illumination.

Day 6: Coco - Curieuse

Today you will sail to the island Coco, which is a “must” especially for  enthusiastic  snorkelers. Coco, is the perfect little pirate island with bouffant granite rocks, a small beach, palm trees and cristal clear water with immense coloured shoals. Next is Curieuse, named after the schooner of the French East Indies company, which had been sent to Mauritius in 1768. The island lies around 2km in the north of Praslin. A short briefing about the “traffic rules” follows, because one has to learn that riding on the back of the huge tortoises is not allowed, as well as other information which as a fair guest one will be knowing already. In the southwest one can find the doctors house, which originates from the time in which Curieuse was still working as a leprosy colony. It now entails a small museum. On the island one can observe free running huge tortoises. The beach in the southeast and the bizzarre arris granitic rocks are worth a side trip.

Day 7: Curieuse - Grand Soeur Island - Félicité

In the morning you sail to "Grand Soeur Island". After a delicious barbecue you can explore the island by foot or you can go swimming. (Landing Fee approximately 20 US$ or 20 € / person) Enjoy the snow-white beaches of the seychelles and the recreative silence. Tonight you anchor by the island Félicité and tomorrow you go on to St. Pierre.

Day 8: Félicité - Saint Pierre - Praslin

Today you should go snokling or swimming. This beautiful litte island will impress you with it's characteristic granite rocks that are inhabited by colourful fishes. Tonight you anchor in Praslin.

Day 9: Praslin - Cousin - Mahé

The almost circular island Cousin is around 29 ha big and a shelter for

many endangered birds. The island was bought by a council for bird conservation in 1968, and with the help of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) became the beautiful nature reserve it is now.

Observe countless brooding birds in

the trees closely. Visit this bird paradise in which you can find five kinds of birds which are only present in the Seychelles.  Afterwards you sail back to Mahé. Your Yacht will be at anchor in Beau Vallon.  
Numerous kinds of watersport activities are offered at this admirable beach.

Day 10: Mahé

In the morning the island Theresa is on the programme. However, you can also stop by the small capital Victoria instead. Here you'll find a little market. This market is well-known for it's fresh fish and local fruits. The smell here will overwhelm you because of the many different spices and brightly coloured flowers everywhere. This sensual memory will will accompany for the days to come. In the evening everyone meets at the VPM base in Roche Caiman, where the collctive dinner closes up the impressive sailing cruise. Night stay in La Cascade. 

Day 11:

In the early morning we unfortunately have to say good bye after the check out in the Eden Island Marina. Transfer to the airport or hotel.

Literature Seychelles:

Pilote Cotier "Seychelles Nautical Pilot" by Alain Rondeau
ISBN 978-2-916083-06-3


Please note that this is a suggested itinerary and not all yachts have the necessary licences / insurance to call at all destinations / islands.

Please clarify this with the charter company before planning your trip. You will receive the necessary papers for your route planning from the lessor before the start of the charter, so these must be requested from the hirer / skipper in good time. The terms and conditions of the lessor / yacht owner and, if applicable, their restrictions apply.

Environmental levy Seychelles 01.08.2023

According to the press release dated 13.07.2023 from the Seychelles Ministry of Finance, from 01.08.2023 all visitors to Seychelles will be charged a new environmental tax.

Depending on the size of the hotel or type of accommodation, the following charges apply and must be paid locally by the guest in cash:

- "Small Tourist Accommodation":
with 1 to 24 rooms 25 Seychelles Rupees (currently ca. €2) per person per night.

- "Medium tourist accommodation":
with 25 to 50 rooms 75 Seychelles rupees (currently ca. €5) per person per night

- "Large tourist accommodation":
with more than 50 rooms, yachts and island resorts 100 Seychelles rupees (currently ca. €7) per person per night

Island resorts refer to establishments located on an island other than Mahe, Praslin, La Digue or Cerf Island and as defined in the Tourism Development Act 2019.

Children under 12 years of age are exempt from this regulation.

Press Release (Download)

Environment Protection Act 28.07.2023

CORONA / Covid-19 Sailing & Yacht Charter Info in Seychelles

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please note the latest developments on the website of your local Foreign Office.

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