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VPM Bestsail base in Martinique(c) Andrew Johnson
View from the Lagoon 620 into the bays of the caribbean
The office of VPM - Bestsail welcomes you in Martinique (c) Andrew Johnson
Volcanic island St. Lucia and its famous pitons
Caribbean Bay (c) Andrew Johnson
Your yacht is accompanied by playing dolphins
Anchoring in a Caribbean Bay (c) Andrew Johnson
Overlooking the bay land-based (c) Andrew Johnson
Lagoon 620 at Mystique
Caribbean (c) Andrew Johnson
The island Morpion
Aerial view of some Caribbean islands (c) Andrew Johnson
Caribbean (c) Andrew Johnson
Tobago Cays
Yachts at a caribbean marina (c) Andrew Johnson
The caribbean breadfruit
Refreshing bath in the dawn (c) Andrew Johnson
Pitons of St. Lucia
(c) Andrew Johnson
Enjoy the evening atmosphere at a Caribbean beach (c) Andrew Johnson
Cinammon on the markets stalls of St. Lucia
Caribbean (c) Andrew Johnson
Freshly caught fish
On tour with the dinghy (c) Andrew Johnson
Caribbean (c) Andrew Johnson
Princess Margaret beach - Bequia
Anchoring in a caribbean bay (c) Andrew Johnson
Caribbean (c) Andrew Johnson
The "Bone Bar" on Bequia
The Caribbean

Yachtcharter Caribbean - A dream destination

Itinerary Grenadines from Martinique

Day 1: Le Marin

In the international marina "Le Marin" you'll be well received with a delicious welcome drink and you'll get tips and tricks for your sailing trip. Here in the bay "Cul-de-Sac"  hundreds of sailing yachts await you.

Day 2: St. Lucia (Rodney Bay, Marigot Bay)

Right after your first breakfast you'll make your way through beautiful coral gardens to St. Lucia. After a cruise of around four hours, it is time for a refreshment: jump into the sea in the Rodney Bay. The Marigot Bay is only a few miles away and, being surrounded by palm trees, is said to be the most beautiful one in the whole of the Caribbean. Right to your dinner you will see the perhaps most beautiful sunset in your life. Here, the movie „Dr. Dolittle“ was filmed in 1966.

Day 3: St. Lucia (Soufrière)

After a relaxed breakfast you have time to buy any needed utensils. Then you will head south, along the coastline. Once you have arrived in St. Lucia, you will anchor in front of the „Pitons“,  the island's emblem, and visit the local site Soufrière. If you like, you can take your time for a walk to the volcanic crater or alternatively do a roundtrip.

Day 4: Bequia (Admiralty Bay)

Today it is time for some relaxation on board. In the meantime you will sail the 50 nautical miles to the previous whaling island Bequia -pronounced "Beck wej". You will pass by many Bays of St. Vincent and places that can visually be compared to those of the rain forest. In Bequia, it is recommended to stash water and fuel. You could order a service boat per VHF in Port Elizabeth, which will then provide you with those resources. Your destination is Admiralty Bay. Hereyou will encounter friendly natives and have their Bars, Restaurants, Shops and even a little market waiting for you. After a long day of sailing you can then relax in this picturesque scenery while enjoying dinner on board. If you like, you can further chill out by having a drink on the beach. 

Day 5: Petit Nevis, Mayreau (Salt Whistle Bay)

After breakfast you will leave the common life of the boat builders and fishers progeny behind, when heading just a few nautical miles to Petit Nevis. Here one can find the leftovers of the former whale handling and can anchor quetly for some time. In the early afternoon you will arrive at the small „salt whistle bay“, Mayreau. Between palm trees you can find a few exclusive hovels, and after dinner you are welcome to spend time in a beautiful bar which is totally built out of stone.
Here a hint: A 30 minute walk to the small chapel on the hill will lead you to a breathtaking sunset.

Day 6: Palm Island, Tobaga Cays (Horse Shoe Reef)

From the prominent island Mayreau you will sail 25 nautical miles further to Palm Island. The American Coconut-John leased this island in the 60's, planted coconut palm trees and step by step built a paradisiacal hotel resort onto this small island. Four nautical miles away, you will anchor between four abandoned islands. The unoccupied Tobago Cays, which can be reached only through a tiny inlet, will be reserved to sailors. The turquoise colored water in the almost circular „horse shoe reef“  is simply staggering. The afternoon and forenoon are therefore dedicated to amazement, snorkeling at the reef, small walks on the beach or as u like, sweet idleness. So called „boatsboys“ from the neighboring islands will offer you freshly caught spiny lobster, which against a fee, can be concocted directly on the beach.

Day 7: Mustique

After a relaxing breakfast and an unstressed morning you'll sail northbound to the private island Mustique. To meet celebrities here is not a rare occasion. From Tommy Hilfiger, to Mick Jagger and David Bowie. They all love it to stay here a few days every year to forget the rest of the world. In the legendary meeting place, the Basil Bar, you could also feel youself as a celebrity and maybe you'll see some on your neighbour table during dinner or a drink.

Day 8: Bequia (Friendship Bay), St. Vincent (Blue Lagoon)

From Mustique we hoist the anchor towards Bequia, into the Friendship Bay. Here we can enjoy the „hangout“ on the beach for a short moment, or jump once more into the Caribbean waters – directly from board. Another hint : the coconut crisps taste just incredible with a drink. We shall leave The northernmost Grenadine island after lunch to reach the 10 nautical miles afar Blue Lagoon of St. Vincent. The rather small marina is the piece of jewelry of the besides quite simple island.  Caution: The night might not get very long in the bar of the marina.

Day 9: St. Lucia (Rodney Bay), Le Marin

Right in the early morning you will make your way to the southern lobe of St. Lucia. This requires a whole day of sailing in the northern direction. The tour discontinues for a stop in the scenic fishing village Vieux Fort. The destination for the night is Rodney Bay. Let the last evening of your spectacular trip come to an end in one of the  local Creole bars, or in the yacht club.


Please note that this is a suggested itinerary and not all yachts have the necessary licences / insurance to call at all destinations / islands.

Please clarify this with the charter company before planning your trip. You will receive the necessary papers for your route planning from the lessor before the start of the charter, so these must be requested from the hirer / skipper in good time. The terms and conditions of the lessor / yacht owner and, if applicable, their restrictions apply.