VPM Bestsail base in Martinique(c) Andrew Johnson
View from the Lagoon 620 into the bays of the caribbean
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Volcanic island St. Lucia and its famous pitons
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Lagoon 620 at Mystique
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The island Morpion
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Tobago Cays
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The caribbean breadfruit
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Pitons of St. Lucia
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Enjoy the evening atmosphere at a Caribbean beach (c) Andrew Johnson
Cinammon on the markets stalls of St. Lucia
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Freshly caught fish
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Princess Margaret beach - Bequia
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The "Bone Bar" on Bequia
The Caribbean

Yachtcharter Caribbean - A dream destination

Yachtcharter Martinique

Martinique offers excellent water sport conditions - and correspondingly large is the variety.
Sailing, surfing, sailboarding, water ski, sea kajak, deep sea diving, fishing or jetski - there is something for every water sport fan.

The bays of Le Robert and Le Francois are very popular. Sailors love the island because its often the preferred starting point for Yachtcharters from Martinique to the grenadines.
But its also a suitable destination for cruises because of its numerous and well protected bays.

The international airport (FDF) is in Fort de France, about 15km outside the city.
Air France flies several times from Paris to Fort de France in 8,5h daily, there are flights from many different German airports. Europeans are allowed to enter Martinique with their identity card or their passport without a visa. Non-residents have to have a return flight ticket.

In Martinique the climate is warm as you would expect it on a tropical island. The steady trade wind makes this hot climate easily acceptable. From October through January the wind is blowing significantly stronger, usually from the North-East. From May onward it turns to south-east and blows steadily in a pleasant wind-force of about 4 to 5. During a Yachtcharter out of Martinique into the passages of St. Lucia and St. Vincente you will sail on the open sea.

From St. Vincente on, there is the so called sailing over small distances. Here you will find Bequia, which is the meeting point of all yacht sailors and those who travel the world, Basil’s Bar on Mustique, the famous Horseshoe Reef in the Tobago Cays, or the island of spices called Grenada.

Our VPM-Yachtcharter base Martinique is located at Le Marin.

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More information about Martinique:

The 1080 km² large, mountainous Island of Martinique is the northernmost and possibly the most beautiful Island of the Winward Islands. The dormant but not extinct vulcano Mont Pelée (1397m) in the north of the Island is the highest point of the island. After the tropical rain the water flows through winding canyons into the valley. In the north there are many palm tree species, giant fern and mahogany trees in rich green tones. Further south the landscape changes: the forest gets replaced by banana and sugar cane plantations and an exotic vegetation. In the tropical sun hibiscus and bougainvillea are blooming in the most beautiful colors. Pine-apples, oranges, passion fruits and gojavas grow here in abundance and they are offered everywhere in the streets and the markets. The Caribs called their Island "Madinina", which means flower island. Despite strong population there is still a large piece of natural diversity on the Island of Martinique, and the name flower island is still the case.

On the Vienna Congress 1815 Martinique was awarded to France and since 1946 it is finally a French department and the inhabitants are French citizens. There are 350 000 islander and 100 000 live in the capital Fort-de-France. The rest is distributed to the small towns and the fishing villages, where the daily routine is designed in a agile Caribbean-French structure.

During a Yachtcharter starting in Martinique you should visit the evergreen tropical rain-forest and one of the numerous rum distilleries. In the middle of sugar cane fields around the village Sainte Luce is the distillery Trois-Rivières, where you can inspect all the equipment you need to gain rum. Besides Trois-Rivières there are more rum factories like La Mauny, Dillon, Habitation Rhum Clement or the distillery Saint James, which is the oldest still active rum brand on Martinique.

L'Ajoupa Bouillon, a small village surrounded by wood and banana plantations, invites you to explore the canyon "Les Gorges de la Falaise" - a gorge leads to a waterfall, which plunges into a huge natural jacuzzi.
In Saint Pierre you can find a gorgeous bay, from where you have a great view on the fertile volcanic hills. The idyllic inner city invites you to stroll. In addition there are water sports and hiking opportunities. In land there is Saint-Joseph, where you can see rare plant species, rivers and flower gardens.

In the capital of Martinique Fort-de-France, the elegant, European flair stands in contrast to the original Antillean popularity in the east. The fishing village Le Robert impresses with a idyllic bay and many islets, there you can enjoy not only the beautiful beach but also gaze at the breathtaking coral reefs.

In the village of Saint Anne you can find the most beautiful beach of Martinique: La Plage des Salines - lined with coconut trees this bay is probably best known of all the Antilles.
Other attractions of the island are for example the Pelée mountain and the Piton du Carbet, a lush green massif with rivers, canyons and many hiking trails - a true paradise for those who like to walk through nature and enjoy the amazing panoramas.
On the "Route de la Trace" a botanic path leads right through the splendor of the rain forest to the Pelèe mountain. At the "Jardin de Belatat" you can see showpieces of tropical plants. You also get the chance to see the humming-birds. Outside Le Francois you can find the "Fonds Blancs", sand benches and small islets, home of rare birds and sea turtles.

In addition of the beauties of nature, Martinique provides some museums, for example the Musée du Rhum Saint-James, a museum that documents the different parts of producing rum, or the Musée du Rhum de la Banane, where you learn everything about the popular fruit, at the Musée de la Pagerie you get to know everything about the history of the island and the Musée d'Arts et Tradition populaires is a museum of folk arts and traditions.

Not for nothing Martinique is called "Island of return", cause once your are drawn to that beautiful Island, you want to come back to this natural paradise.

Sailing Weather in Martinique:
The wind blows reliably NO, apart from the hurricane season rains. This is from June to October with wind from SE.

Best Sailing time in Martinique:
November to May

Airports near your sailing region in Martinique:
Martinique (FDF) - Le Marin: about 20 km

Necessary licenses for your cruise from Martinique in the Grenadines:
No special license necessary, but a sailing experierience is require.

Time zone Martinique:
Winter: GMT - 5 hours Summer: GMT - 6 hours

Sail Caribbean literature recommendation (available from Barone Yachting):
Bernhard Bartholmes (sailing in the Caribbean - Anguilla to Dominica - € 36)
This nautical guide the gap between Martinique to the south and the Virgin Islans is closed to the north. It presents the Caribbean Leeward Islands Antiguilla, St. Martin, St. Barthelemy, Barbuda, Nevis, St. Eustatius, St. Christopher, Antigua, Monserrat, Guadeloupe, Marie Galante and Dominica with all ports and anchorages.

Yachtcharter in Martinique:
Ilet Chancel, Îlet de la Rose, Grenada, Glover Island, Hog Island, Calivigny Island, Marquis Island, Sugar Loaf, Green Island, Sandy Island, Ronde Island, Carriacou, Petit Martinique, Petit St Vincent,Frigate Island, Prune Island, Union Island, Petit Tobac, Jamesby, Baradol, Petit Bateau, Petit Rameau, Mayreau, Catholic Island, Canouan Baleine, L´Islot, Canouan, Savan Island, Petit Mustique, Mustique, Rabbit Island, The Pillories, All Awash Island, Baliceaux, Church Cay, Battowie, Pigeon Island, Isle A Quatre, Petit Nevis, Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Pigeon Island, Dominica