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Yachtcharter Brittany

Brittany is a popular destination for sailors because regattas take frequently place here and many of the towns and villages have a very maritime culture. These are ideal waters for sports sailors and yacht charter fans.

In particular the surroundings of the important harbor city of La Rochelle have a lot to offer. Here you can find among other things the second biggest marina of Europe known as Port de Minimes with 3300 landing places for boats. In this city you have the opportunity of seeing various historic monuments as well as a naval museum. Gourmets can enjoy the Atlantic cuisine which is specialized in mussels, sea food and oysters.

On your turn you can reach diverse islands around La Rochelle like Île de Ré, Île d'Oléron or Fort Boyard. Landmarks like the town Saint-Martin-de Ré, which is very popular or La Flotte on Île de Ré can be witnessed.
Catch a touch of the Caribbean in the north. Here the beaches are as white as in the Caribbean and the waters are as turquoise as those of the Caribbean. Sail along the famous Fort Boyard that is located between Île de Oléron and Île d'Aix. On Île d'Oléron you can visit the Château d'Oléron which is located below a citadel.

Brittany offers good climatic conditions from spring until autumn.
This is largely due to the gulf stream. Here sailing is peaceful and harmless because the current is not particularly strong. The tidal ranges offer a unique sailing experience. A calm breeze is mostly blowing from the north-west with a speed of about 1.6 and 4 Beaufort. Wind from the south or the south-west is rare if not exceptional.

Yachtcharter Brittany
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