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Montenegro - monestory of St. George
Montenegro - Sunset in Risan
croatie-cavtat bay
Montenegro - monastery of St. George
Montenegro - Perast
Montenegro - Notre Dam
Croatia - bay near Dubrovnik
Croatia - bay near Dubrovnik
Croatia - Orchestral in Dubrovnik

Location de bateaux et croisières en voilier sur la côte monténégrine

Itinerary Montenegro: Yacht charter from Dubrovnik

Day 1: Dubrovnik (Komolac) - Kolocep (5 nm)

Most yacht charter towards Montenegro typically start in the ACI Marina in Komolac, next to Dubrovnik. After the safety briefing from your charter company, you will leave anchorage and head toward the Island of Kolocep - approximately one hour away, dinner and overnight anchoring for the night.

Day 2: Kolocep - Cavtat (Croatia; 10nm)

Wake up in the bay of Donje Čelo and after a good breakfast go swimming in the waters of the Adria. After a relaxing morning and lunch in the anchorage, your yacht will sail towards Cavtat, a small Croatian harbour which lies south of Dubrovnik. If the weather conditions allow it, you have the opportunity to view the stunning old harbour of Dubrovnik. During the entire cruise you will get to enjoy beautiful views of the passing landmarks and blue sea. In the late afternoon you will reach the Tiha Bay. Here you have the chance to walk along the promenade of the peninsulas and through the many alleys in the village of Cavtat.

Day 3: Cavtat - Bay of Tivat (Montenegro; 29 nm)

After breakfast and customs clearance, you will lift the anchor and depart from the Croatian harbour of Cavtat, you will sail direction south towards Montenegro. The entrance into the bay of Kotor is protected by what used to be the Austrian-Hungarian fortification, on the island of Mamula. You will sail along the city of Herceg Novi, before you enter the bay of Tivat. Admire one of the pearls of the bay of Kotor, the island of Gospa od Mirišta and its Jesuit church. This beautiful trip is finished in Tivat, in the beautiful marina Porto Montenegro. From the simplest sailing boats to the finest Mediterranean yachts, the Enclave of Montenegro and its new marina are popular to all visitors. Tax-free shopping for big brands, a cocktail on the terrace at sunset or dinner at the Byblos, a large Lebanese restaurant, this amazing station of your sailing trip is: international, luxurious, approachable and welcoming. According to the heavy military past of the bay, a submarine of type P-821 of the former Yugoslav navy, 50 m long, is located near the marina and open to visitors.Dinner and overnight at the dock or mooring.

Day 4: Bay of Tivat - Kotor (11nm)

Early departure from Porto Montenegro for a day full of emotions. You will follow the natural channel of Verige, the narrowest point of the Bay of Kotor. After two kilometers you reach the pool of Kotor. The impressions are overwhelming: you will sail directly towards a large vertical wall, which seems to be close to falling into the sea, before you finally turn to a narrow passage, at the end of which the town of Kotor is located. The high ranging mountains and the deep water add up to outstanding photo-motives. Before the sun is at its zenith, only the bravest will climb up the small Chinese wall, which leads up the mountain from the city walls with over 1400 steps, and are rewarded with a stunning aerial view of the bay and town. The entrance to the old town is decorated with the Sea Gate which carries the winged lion of San Marco, symbol of Venice. Behind it is a labyrinth of cobblestone streets, shaded squares and ancient churches. The cathedral of Saint Triphon, the patron saint of the city, is a remarkable building that is considered a “must”, while the Maritime Museum of Montenegro, in a palace from the early eighteenth century, tells the brave maritime tales of Kotor. You will love the atmosphere, charm and authenticity of this city, which has retained its simplicity despite the large amount of visitors from all over the world. Depending on the available space at anchor or at the dock, you can admire the illuminated walls along the mountain in the evening from your catamaran. Dinner and overnight at the dock or mooring.

Day 5: Kotor - Perast - Risan (7nm)

Visit the lively and colorful market and enjoy the morning impressions along the city wall. You will then depart and spend a day with amazing views of the bays of Kotor and Risan. The first station is Perast, a pretty village that still lays the banner of the Serenissima Venice which stands for nostalgia and wealth. Perast holds three of the wonders of Montenegro. In addition to its Renaissance church with the highest tower in the country (55 m), it is primarily known for the artificial island of Gospa od Škrpjela (St. Maria on the rock) and Sveti Dorde (St. George) which inevitably draw your attention. Real sights of the bay of Kotor, which are worth a whole trip alone. These show the importance of the place for the locals and sailors of this region.

After lunch, you will have an opportunity to swim and snorkel, for example close to the beach opposite the village of Morinj. The clear shallow waters in the bay which is commonly known as the "Boka", are ideal for a snorkeling trip. In the late afternoon, you will visit the town named Risan, the oldest settlement in the bay. It is mentioned already in the 3rd century BC and has some archaeological treasures. Including a Roman mosaic - the image of Hypnos, perfectly preserved. More modest than Kotor and Perast, Risan is no less pleasant and very quiet. The small bar near the church, with shadows of pines, will be the perfect place for a drink at sunset. Dinner and overnight at anchor.

Day 6: Risan - Herceg Novi Bay( 18 nm) - Cavtat (Croatia; 20nm)

Early departure to start this long sailing day and especially to admire the famous two small islands in Perast, illuminated by the first rays of the sun before the day visitors arrive: a heavenly moment.

Before the customs formalities are completed at Zelinka to leave Montenegro, you should consider a stop near the bay Herceg Novi for a relaxing interlude with snorkeling and swimming near one of the small beaches along the bay. Then it is time to leave the beautiful bay of Kotor in the north, to sail along the Croatian coast towards Cavtat, which you will reach in the late afternoon and where you can anchor in the harbor.Dinner and overnight at anchor.

Day 7: Cavtat - Lokrum(5,5nm) - Dubrovnik (Komolac; 7,5nm)

Enjoy this morning to stroll around Cavtat. As a harbor and bathing resort, it radiates a soothing atmosphere. Like a little sister of Dubrovnik, the city has received an architectural harmony, the few hotels are hidden amongst pines. Lavender and rosemary, fragrant flower beds along the road to the harbor, sailing boats, small yachts. fishing boats, and cats sunbathing. The Peninsula Council offers an entertaining walk along the Tiha Bay. With benches, small beaches lined with lounges and bars, the promenade runs along the clear sea, which once again invites you to swim. After lunch,you lift your anchor and you make your way to Lokrum in front of Dubrovnik. As a conservation area since 1964, Lokrum has a botanical garden with tropical species. Discover this or swim again this last afternoon of your cruise. The Marina Komolac can be reached in about one hour of navigation in the channel. Overnight in the marina.

Day 8: Dubrovnik (Komolac)

You will leave the yacht after the Check-out.


Please note that this is a suggested itinerary and not all yachts have the necessary licences / insurance to call at all destinations / islands.

Please clarify this with the charter company before planning your trip. You will receive the necessary papers for your route planning from the lessor before the start of the charter, so these must be requested from the hirer / skipper in good time. The terms and conditions of the lessor / yacht owner and, if applicable, their restrictions apply.