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Montenegro - monestory of St. George
Montenegro - Sunset in Risan
croatie-cavtat bay
Montenegro - monastery of St. George
Montenegro - Perast
Montenegro - Notre Dam
Croatia - bay near Dubrovnik
Croatia - bay near Dubrovnik
Croatia - Orchestral in Dubrovnik

Yachtcharter und Segelyacht Kreuzfahrten an der Montenegrischen Küste

“When our planet emerged, the most beautiful encounter between the sea and land must have happened on the coast of Montenegro.” With these perfectly depicted words, the British poet Lord Byron, described the bay of Kotor as the pearls and jewels of Montenegro.

Named as a world heritage site by the UNESCO, the unique fjord in the Mediterranean cannot be compared to Norwegian fjords. Its portfolio as much to offer: four bays which reach 28 km inland and are connected by natural channels.

The scenery of the surrounding, charming villages offer stunning views of towers, unusually small islands and beautiful natural vegetation with fragrant pines, cypresses and roses. The city of Kotor, which is located towards the back end of the fjord, will provide you with a thrilling berthing maneuver. Protected by its impressively high walls and cliffs, the city has a rich story and at the same time the locals are friendly and offer a sense of belonging.

The gastronomy of Montenegro offers a large variety: do not miss the market of Kotor, located just behind the city walls, the market offers a rich selection of vegetables and fruit aromas and furthermore one can find a selection of cheese and, of course, local and fish and ham on delightful stalls. Treat yourself to an evening in a good restaurant: from simple to more sophisticated, the prices are reasonable, the food delicious and the region offers some fantastic local wines.

Further highlights of Your charter through Croatia and Montenegro are the famous and picturesque old town of Dubrovnik and the small but charming harbour of Cavtat, which is surrounded by two peninsulas which appear to be floating in crystal clear waters.

CORONA / Covid-19 info on sailing & yacht charter in Montenegro

Although there are currently no compulsory registration or restrictions for travellers to Montenegro, 
please note the latest developments on the website of your local Foreign Office.