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The varous nature builds impressive landscapes on the islands of the Azores
Yacht charter through Azores archipel, f.e from Horta on the island Faial
Sailing with view on Ponta do Pico
Sailing in front of spectacular scenery - here Horta on Faial
St. Jorge. Faja da Caldeira
Sailing with view on Ponta do Pico
Blue Vulcanic lakes built a nice contrast to green vegetation f.e. : Lagoa Azul on Sao Miguel

Yachtcharter auf den Azoren

Cruising around Azores islands is a once in a lifetime experience. Every secluded bay and protected harbor tells a story. Sailing in this variety of landscapes and spectacular volcanic sceneries is an unparalleled synonymous of freedom and pleasure. Discover the nine emerald islands, the best kept secret in the middle of the Atlantic. Our experienced partner SAILAZORES YACHT CHARTER provides the perfect yacht charter service for your adventure. Nature will take care of the rest.
The advisable sailing window in the Azores is from late March to October.
Fog is uncommon in the Azores, particularly in the summer.
Immediate weather conditions can be found at www.windguru.com or www.climaat.angra.uac.pt.

The Azores have privileged climatic conditions, with mild temperatures, due to the influence of the Gulf Stream, showing no major variations in air temperature throughout the year, reaching an average of 13oC  (55oF) in winter and 23oC (73oF) in summer, whereas the water temperature remains between 18oC and 24oC (64oF and 75oF).

The climate in the Azores is dominated by the mid-Atlantic area of high pressure area which bears their name. The position of the Azores high varies with the season, being more northerly in the autumn and more southerly in the spring. In winter the area can be subject to bad weather periods and very wet days, while in the summer the Azores high pressure area can be stationary with prolonged periods of warm weather.

In the Azores the average tide range varies around 1.2 to 1.5 m.
The Azores Current usually flows south or southeast at no more than 0.5 knots

on board of every yacht you will find a compilation of
all published information for tides of the main harbours in the Azores.

To charter a yacht bareboat in the Azores, as Skipper, you must meet 2 requirements:

Sailing in the Azores is for experienced sailors, therefore, you must have a
relevant and significant experience for (i) skippering equivalent sized yachts and (ii) sailing in similar oceanic conditions;

You must exhibit valid sailing licenses that allow you to be a Skipper – e.g. an ICC (International Certificate of Competence) or similar qualification – and also a VHF License

CORONA / Covid-19 Info on Sailing & Yacht Charter in the Azores

Although there are currently no compulsory registration or restrictions for travellers to the Azores, 
please note the latest developments on the website of your local Foreign Office.

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