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Yachtcharter Slowenien - Sailing along the coast of Istria


Although, this small country has only a short coastline on the northern Adriatic, it offers ideal conditions for a cruise to the numerous islands in the Adriatic Sea. But also the coastline itself attracts with modern marinas such as Portoroz, Koper or Izola, very good mediterranean food and a bland climate. Slovenia therefore offers a good alternative to the Croatian starting points in Istria. From here you can easily reach the romantic Piran Bay in the southwest of Slovenia. Worth seeing is the old town with its narrow streets, a partially preserved historic fortification, the city center in italian-venetian style as well as the seafront with its numerous restaurants. Once arrived in the north of Croatia, you should not miss to visit the Lim channel between Vrsar and Rovinji. Also Rovinji and the Brijuni National Park are within easy reach and well worth to head for.

Sailing conditions:

In the coastal regions there is a bland mediterranean climate with high average temperatures as the summers are very hot. During the summer months the moderate Mistral from northwest often brings a pleasant "fresh" breeze. On the other hand the sirocco (also "Jugo") comes from southeast and often entails humid, hot air and huge motion of the sea. Now there is still the Bora from northeast. This wind is a cold, squally gravity wind with high average speed, which usually lasts a few hours in the summer. But in winter, Bora can sometimes last for 2-3- weeks.

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Inter Mares d.o.o., Marina Portoroz

Adria Service d.o.o., Izola

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