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Cape Verde

Yachtcharter Cape Verde - Sailing on untouched paths

Yachtcharter Cape Verde Islands:

Sailing weather Cape Verde

Due to their longitude, the islands are under the influence of the NE trade wind all year round. The wind speed is therefore between 4 and 6 Bft. depending on the time of year. Nevertheless, there is no danger of hurricanes. The pleasant water temperatures of between 21°C and 27°C are ideal for swimming.

Best time to sail Cape Verde

November to May

Airports close to your sailing area

Sao Vincente (VXE) - Mindelo: approx. 10km

Driving licences required for your trip

No licence is required, but proof of sailing experience is necessary.

Time difference

Winter: CET - 2 hours, summer: CET - 3 hours

Partner base:

Sao Vincentem Santo Antao, S. Vincente, Santa Luzia, S. Nicolau, Sal, Boavista, S. Tiago, Maio, Fogo, Brava

CORONA / Covid-19 Info on Sailing & Yacht Charter in Cape Verde

Even though there are currently no compulsory registration or restrictions for travellers to the Cape Verde Islands, please note the latest developments on the website of your local Foreign Office.