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Rock formations on the Corsican coast
Catamaran in front of the coast of Corsica
historic centre on Corse
Catlante 600 Bacchus and Iris in front of Corsica

Yachtcharter Corsica The Wild Beauty of the Mediterranean Sea

Yachtcharter Itineraries Corsica Ajaccio - Iles Lavezzi

Day 1: Ajaccio

Arrival at the port of Bonifacio and accommodation on board your yacht. Check-in and safety briefing.
Dinner and overnight on board at the dock or anchorage (depending on the capacity of the port).

Day 2: Ajaccio - Cacalu - Cala Di Conca (or Scoglio Lungo)

In the morning, after about 1.5 hours of sailing in the Gulf of Ajaccio,you arrive in Cacalu, also called Anse de Cacao, where you will findnot only chocolate, but also beautiful ocean floor, which you canexplore snorkeling. This rocky cove in the north of Cap Muro offersthe perfect setting for your first floatation on Corsica.
After a further 2-hour cruise in the Gulf of Valinco you find yourselffar from civilization again in Cala Di Conca. Surrounded by amagnificent sprawl to decipher the deeper meaning of the term 'relaxation'.
This stop can be replaced by Scoglio Lungo, where you can admirea rock that is reminiscent of the archipelago of Iles Lavezzi.
Your dinner and your night will be spent on the anchorage.

Day 3: Cala Di Conca (or Scoglio Lungo) - Roccapina - ÎlesFazziolu (or Paragnanu)

You start in the morning and sail around 1.5 hours from Sartène to Bonifacio. Under the watchful eyes of his famous lion statue to come to Roccapina. Immerse yourself in the various shades of blue water and sky and let the pink granite rocks along the coast affect you.
At the end of an afternoon full of color and joy to sail about 2.5 hours more in the direction of the islands îles Fazziolu, near Bonifacio Paragnanu, where you will have dinner, and overnight at  anchorage.

Day 4: Îles Fazziolu (and Paragnanu) - Îles Lavezzi - Bonifacio

About 1.5 hours after departure you arrive at one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean - in front of you lies the archipelago of Iles Lavezzi. Only about 6 nm southeast of Bonifacio, enchanted with its wild beaches with crystal clear water and a unique fauna. These islands are only accessible by boat.
Before dinner and overnight at the anchorage you will have the opportunity to explore Bonifacio.
At the very south corner of Corsica, nestled in a by wind and water, sculpted white limestone, Bonifacio looks out over the sea in 70 metres height. If you later on that same evening feel like, you will have the opportunity to explore the cities lively bars, restaurants, shops, and streets.

Day 5: Bonifacio - Anse d'Arbitru (and Pietrosella) - Cala Lunga(and Judges)

Depending on your departure time in Bonifacio sail to either bayAnse d'Arbitru (and Arbousier, queen for 'strawberry tree') or on thesilver beach of Pietrosella. Please allow approximately 2 hourssailing time to the beach 'Mare e Sole' to go, which owes its name to the silver-colored sand. Due to the notorious sand banks along the beach you can go very far out into the sea.
You will then sail on - either to Cala Lunga, known as a sand andturquoise water paradise, or Judges, a picturesque little town nestled in the rocks of Sartene.
Along the slope you can swim in peace and simply bask in the sun.
Dinner and overnight will be held at the anchorage.

Day 6: Cala Lunga (and Judges) - Cala d'Orzu - Campomoro

After about 1.5 hours sailing time you come to Cala d'Orzu. This coveis all over the world for her straw hut "Chez Francis" known where youcan have lunch if you wish. When bathing, you probably will not have to think!
Once again, sailing (1.5 hours) runs from the day in Campomoro.This village, whose name translates as 'Moors field' means, is undernature protection. Away from the tourist hordes, you can admire the tower of Campomoro and visit his small museum.
Again, dine and stay at the anchorage.

Day 7: Campomoro - Îles Sanguinaires - Ajaccio

You sail for about 2 hours to the Sanguinaires islands. This group of islands at the entrance to the Gulf of Ajaccio, which is made ​​up of four small islands of dark red rocks, owes its name not only thecolor of the rocks, flowers, or even the flaming sunsets, but also a native of Africa coral fishermen with allegedly black blood('sanguinari'), who had to endure on the islands in quarantine.
Although the archipelago at first sight appear rigorous and hostile,You have to observe in its protected area, the possibility ofnumerous species of seabirds.
At the tip of the island, you have an incomparable view of the Gulf of Ajaccio.
At the end of the day you return to Ajaccio in the marina and spendyour last dinner and your last night on board.

Day 8: Ajaccio

In the morning you unfortunately have to leave your beautiful yacht.
Take lots of pictues, colors, and scents of the past few days all home with you.
We can arrange your subsequent stay in the country or return home.


Please note that this is a suggested itinerary and not all yachts have the necessary licences / insurance to call at all destinations / islands.

Please clarify this with the charter company before planning your trip. You will receive the necessary papers for your route planning from the lessor before the start of the charter, so these must be requested from the hirer / skipper in good time. The terms and conditions of the lessor / yacht owner and, if applicable, their restrictions apply.

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