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Rock formations on the Corsican coast
Catamaran in front of the coast of Corsica
historic centre on Corse
Catlante 600 Bacchus and Iris in front of Corsica

Yachtcharter Corsica The Wild Beauty of the Mediterranean Sea

Yachtcharter Itineraries Corsica West coast Bonifacio - Calvi

First Day: Bonifacio

Arrival at the port of Bonifacio and accommodation on board your yacht at 17:00 clock. Check-in and safety briefing.
Dinner and overnight on board at the dock or anchorage (depending on the capacity of the port).

Second Day: Bonifacio / Îles Lavezzi / Roccapina

Bonifacio was built on a huge rock made ​​up of limestone.
Thanks to this extraordinary location, bonifacio offers visitors a beautiful marina, and above all a picturesque old town.
In the morning you will sail in good weather conditions in the direction of the Îles Lavezzi, nature reserve since 1982.
This group of islands consists of about a hundred small islands, and small bays.
Here you will find beautiful swimming spots where you can enjoy the sun.
Continue sailing further to Roccapina.
Dinner and overnight stay at the anchorage of the Bay of Roccapina.

Third Day: Roccapina / Campomoro

After breakfast, the anchors aweigh, you sail to Campomoro.
Enjoy a great ride in the Arcipel around Bonifacio estuaries, 80 000 hectares, which is protected since 1999.
The Gulf of Roccapina is very rich in books and has long been regarded as an impregnable bastion.
Enjoy the famous lions of Roccapina, an impressive red granite sculpture, in life size.
Numerous towers mark your trip.
Relaxing in the warm waters of the Mediterranean to its majestic hills, could become a moment of happiness for you!
Anchoring in Campomoro a nature reserve, with a Beautiful untouched beach.
Overnight at the anchorage.

4th Day: Campomoro / Ajaccio

The morning is dedicated to the look and the "dolce vita" while sailing along the steep slopes.
Entrance to the Gulf of Ajaccio, the largest and most profound gulf of the island.
Ajaccio, birthplace of Napoleon, was founded in 1492.
The city is located within a vessel cliffs and was built on two levels.
Ajaccio has a great tourist center both a historical as well as a commercial offer at hand.
Here you have enough free time to go on an exploratory tour.
Overnight at the anchorage in the Gulf.

5th Day: Ajaccio / Îles Sanguinaires / Cargèse.

You sail in the morning to the Sanguinaires islands, the nature reserve with many rare plants.
From the story out they are called "Sanguinaires", French for "red as blood."
This term is not due to the glow of the rocks in the warm afterglow, but is a derivative of the "sanguinari", a native of Africa, with coral fishermen allegedly black blood which had to stand on the islands in quarantine.
In the afternoon you will arrive in Cargese.
The town in the inland of the Gulf of Sagone is also called "The Greek City."
A walk through this charming town you will discover two opposing built churches - one Latin and one Greek Orthodox.
Overnight at the anchorage in the Gulf of Sagone.

6th Day: Cargèse / Capo Rosso / Calanche and nature reserve of Scandola / Girolata

This day is guaranteed to be the most beautiful of the entire cruise!
Coastal shipping in the direction of the notorious Capo Rosso, a protruding peninsula is dominated by the tower of Turghio at a height 330 meters.
Experience a breathtaking sailing trip along the mythical Calanche: these are just a few kilometers of coastline from an unforgettable beauty.

Take the opportunity to read the novel "Bel Ami" by Guy de Maupassant, where the landscape is very well described.
Each cliffs is shaped to stimulate your imagination.
There are forms of animals and people, which has imitated nature perfectly.
You sail in the middle of the Scandola nature reserve, which covers 900 hectares of eath surface, and 1000 hectares of water surface.

Scandola was affiliated in 1975 by UNESCO in the list of the world Nature Heritage Sites.
As the area is only accessible by water, its discovery is by charter a very exciting meeting of the nature.
Please note that swimming is prohibited in the protected area.
After a short stop for swimming in the surrounding area of the reserve, the trip will continue to Girolata for the evening and the night.

7th Day: Girolata / Calvi

In the morning you will visit the fishing village of Girolata, where one focuses on the lobster catch.
Amidst the Macchia-landscape dominates a beautiful fort overlooks the entire village.
Here you can enjoy stunning views of the Gulf off the tourist track.
Continue sailing towards Calvi, past creeks of all sizes - one more beautiful than the other!
Calvi welcomes You of the height of its promontory: the Citadel embraces the entire Gulf.
It is a beautiful city that we should explore leisurely.
The night owls among you there should not miss this evening to take a drink in Calvi in "Chez Tao" for themselves!
Overnight at the anchorage.

8th Day: Calvi

The last breakfast on board ... in a bathing suit ... No atmosphere of departure ... . No later than at 9:00 am in the morning, the yacht must unfortunately be left.

We can arrange your subsequent stay in the country or return home.


Please note that this is a suggested itinerary and not all yachts have the necessary licences / insurance to call at all destinations / islands.

Please clarify this with the charter company before planning your trip. You will receive the necessary papers for your route planning from the lessor before the start of the charter, so these must be requested from the hirer / skipper in good time. The terms and conditions of the lessor / yacht owner and, if applicable, their restrictions apply.