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Bora Bora - Atoll
Fantastic scenery, secluded beaches - French Polynesia
French Polynesia

Yachtcharter Raiatea & Bora Bora - In the Country of flowers and spices

Itinerary Raiatea – Bora-Bora – Huahine – Taha'a

Day 1: Raiatea – Taha’a
Welcome at Raiatea Airport and transfer to Marina, the Tahiti Yacht Charter Base. Leave for Taha’a. Swimming, snorkelling, kayaking.

Day 2: Taha’a – Huahine
Sail to Huahine, Visit the small village of Fare.
Sail to Hana Iti bay. Snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, stand up paddling
Sail to Avea bay, nice white sand beach. Possible dinner ashore (not included in price) at Mahana Yacht Club, Happy Hour everyDay (5.30-6.30 pm, paying drinks), Tahitian, French and Chinese
cuisines. Night mooring

Day 3: Huahine

Possible excursion: tour the island in 4 wheel drive, half Day: sacred “blue eyed” eels, ”Marae” archeological temple, site seeing, fish traps.
Visit of the village of Parea in dinghy.
Sailing to Port Bourayne. Explore the bay of Maroe in dinghy Swimming, snorkelling, kayaks, return to the village of Fare.

Day 4 : Huahine – Raiatea

Sail to Faaroa Bay. Explore the river by dinghy.
In the afternoon, the “Purau”- nice yellow hibiscus - end their short life with a graceful dip in the river Night mooring.

Day 5 and 6 : Raiatea

Sailing to Opoa Bay.
Visit of the Marae Taputapuatea, considered as the departure point of the Polynesian migration (under classification of UNESCO world heritage).
Navigation towards the motu Nao Nao.

Nautical activities: kayak, swimming, snorkelling, very often you will see rays.

Day 7: Raiatea – Taha’a

Sail to Apu bay, Visit a Pearl Farm, possibility to buy directly from the producer.
Sailing to Taha'a nautical activities, sea kayaks, stand up paddle, snorkelling.
Night mooring.

Day 8: Taha’a – Bora-Bora

Visit a vanilla plantation. Here you will see how the vanilla is grown, prepared etcsmall boutique on the premises.
Sail to Motu Tautau. Exploration of the coral garden.
Sail to Bora-Bora, to Povai bay. Possible dinner ashore (not included in price) at the Bloody Mary’s, Maikai Yacht Club on paying option. Night mooring.

Day 9 and 10 : Lagoon of Bora Bora

Snorkel thru the natural aquarium in the middle of hundred of fish
Nautical activities: stand up paddle board, kayaks, snorkeling gears, floating hammocks Optional paying activity: Scuba diving with rendezvous at the boat or at the club Night Mooring Sail along the motus (islets)
On paying options: visit of Lagoonarium of Bora Bora
Or Tahitian Massage at the Intercontinental Thalasso and Spa

Day 11: Bora-Bora – Raiatea

After the breakfast sail back to Raiatea. We are happy to assist you to organize the transfer to the airport.

Distance in sea miles:

Raiatea – Taha'a approx. 15 sea miles
Taha'a – Huahine approx. 30 sea miles
Huahine – Raiatea approx. 25 sea miles
Taha'a – Bora Bora approx. 15 sea miles
Bora Bora – Raiatea approx. 25 sea miles

Chef's Recommendation:

„Poisson Cru“ - The national dish of Tahiti:
Raw fish with lemon juice, coconut milk, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions.

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