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Bora Bora - Atoll
Fantastic scenery, secluded beaches - French Polynesia
French Polynesia

Yachtcharter Raiatea & Bora Bora - In the Country of flowers and spices

In the endless width of the blue Pacific Ocean, between the islands of Hawaii and Australia, some of the most beautiful islands and deserted beaches that the planet earth still has to offer can be found: French Polynesia.
This is an archipelago whose area is bigger than Europe and which includes 115 islands with melodious names.

The islands are located in the trade wind zone. The trade wind is blowing from May till September from the south-east with 3 to 4 Beaufort and is called Maraamu by the indigenous people.
Of course, sometimes you may find a wind force of 6 or 7. During this time you can spend dream holidays on board of a yacht, explore the islands and discover the under water world while you are snorkeling in the lagoon. Only between November and the end of March there can occur tropical depressions. South-sea rhythms, the smell of Tiare Tahit, the national flower and dream beaches are waiting for you.

The ideal starting place for your trip is Raiatea. But besides our base in Raiatea we also offer charter yachts from Moorea and Tahiti so that you can book a one way trip and sail from one port to the next.
Who has not once dreamed about Bora Bora, Tahiti or Moorea?

Yachtcharter French Polynesia

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CORONA / Covid-19 info on sailing & yacht charter in French Polynesia

Although there are currently no compulsory registration or restrictions for travellers to French Polynesia, 
please note the latest developments on the website of your local Foreign Office.