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Miami Beach
Sunset on yacht sailing towards Key West. Foto: (C) Daniel Barone
Key West - Southernmost Point of continental USA. Foto: (C) Daniel Barone
Miami Beach Lincoln Road
Florida and Key West

Yachtcharter Florida and Key West - Go West!

Go West!

The most important instrument on board is your sonar.


Let your imagination guide you to white beaches and cobblestone pavement from the sixteenth century. If you start from Miami in direction of Key West you will experience real low tide waters. A water depth of about 10 feet is usual, 20 feet are an exception.

Sandbanks and shallows with less than two feet can easily be found here. Precise navigation is necessary as a consequence of this. If you would like to sail in these waters you should be experienced to a certain degree or alternatively take a local skipper with you on board.

Your sonar, this important on-board device, may warn you from time to time. The reason for this can often be found in the quality of the ground which is mostly covered with sea grass that can irritate the instrument. You reach No Nape Harbour. If the climate would be a bit different you could in fact compare this bay to Marigot Bay on St. Lucia. Behind a small entry a wide bay opens up which is protected from all sides.

45 nautical miles to the south you will find Ocean Reef Harbour which is privately owned. In order to reach this harbor you have to cross one of the few paths that lead through a group of islands between Miami and Key West. This is a small path that is located under fantastic mangroves and it has many even smaller side channels.

A beautiful marina is Jerfish Marina situated on the island Key Largo. The marina has excellent sanitary facilities and there is a sheltered bar from where you can observe what is happening on the marina. You will see, time flies here.

Only a few miles away from the Tropic of Cancer lies Key West, the most southern city of the United States. Originally this island was spanish. Later it was sold to the americans and by 1822 it was under US control. The climate is very comfortable here. There are those soft winds that make sailing a pleasure.

Yachtcharter Florida and Key West

Florida Bay, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Key Largo, Everglades National Park, Naples, Key West

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Miami, Key West

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