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13.12.17 - Planting Hope in British Virgin Islands

Hoffnung_pflanzen_Palmen_BVIsYou have certainly seen the pictures of the BVI after the two hurricanes Irma and Maria in September - pictures of the destruction of houses, infrastructure and the beautiful nature of the BVI.

After helping local people with a first fundraising campaign, nature is now coming into focus.
Many coconut palms on the islands have been destroyed and it will take years until they will provide shade on the beaches. We support the project "planting hope" and want to work with you to create palm-fringed beaches.

With the BVI Tourist Board on Tortola and the local school children large palm trees are to be planted. The bigger the better.

We at Barone Yachting are convinced that we can do it together! Support this project with donations of 25, 50, 100 or 1000 €.