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Bestsail continues to grow

Yacht vom 18.01.12

The german company cooperates since 2012 with seven new partnerfleets in Italy, Croatia, Greece and the Carribean

In Italy they concentrate on building up the cooperation bases in the room around sicily: In Trapani, Marsala and on the mainland by tropea customers have more selections for yachcharter at the coast of sicily to the Eolian Islands or Egadian Islands.
Bestsail-Partner is the italian fleetowner Sailling Sicily.

In Croatia crews can start now from Murter, in Grecce in the heart of the Ionic Sea from Lefkas. The new partner-bases of Adriatic Yacht Charter in Croatia and South Aegean Yachting in Greece.

Bestsail - the big cooperation of german and swiss Yachtcharter agents has 4 VPM Yachtcharter bases in the Carribean Sea on Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Martin and Tortola and GPS-Yachts in Trinidad on Cuba have new destinations for sailors.

Next to new bases also a new standard equipment is coming up, but from supplier to supplier different quickly.

So on many fleets there is W-Lan with own SIM-Cards and flatrates, the customers have then a free Internet-possibility like at Adriatic Yacht Charter in Croatia.

In destinations where sailors are used to anchoring, fleet-operators put solar-panels on the yachts, especially on catamarans to covers the energy requirements.

More Informations and bookings on www.bestsail.net or through all Bestsail-agents.