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Easy ownership

Your Vacation Points

The Vacation Points represent the yearly capital of Owner´s Use in the framework of the "Security Program" (Fixed Revenue Contract) of VPM Bestsail.

(concerning the "Partnership Program" or other specific agreements, the Owner´s use policy will depend on the terms of the contract).

How does it work?
You are credited each year with a number of Vacation Points based on the rental value of 4 weeks mid season on your boat or a similar one on the Bestsail bases where they are used.

The debit of those points will depend on the seasons of use, as listed per base in the VPM Bestsail price list (edited yearly).

The Vacation points can be used as follows:

  • sail on your own boat during 4 weeks in mid season, or more during low season (up to 8 weeks) and less during high season.
  • sail on another similar boat (equivalent size and type - monohull or catamaran) on one of the Bestsail bases partners of the Owner´s Use program (see page 3) under the same conditions.

Number Of points allocated per year:

Tropical Bases
Per week

Low Season
1 point

Mid Season
2 points

High Season
3 points

Very High Season
Accord spec. 6 points


26/04 - 12/07
23/08 - 27/09

12/07 - 23/08
27/09 – 29/11

04/01 - 05/04

21/12 - 04/01
05/04 - 26/04


Saint Martin

03/05 - 12/12

04/01 -  02/02
01/03 - 15/03

01/08 – 25/08

01/02 - 01/03
15/03 - 03/05

13/12 - 20/12

21/12 - 04/01


ll dates are subject to change without prior notice.