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Easy ownership

Partner Program

Partner Program with variable gain:

  • Decide on period in which your own yacht can be used
  • Define time- plan for yacht usage
  • Depending on the gain, VPM Bestsail will suggest you a percentage comission.

After you have bought we´re giong to together a detaild 1 and 5 years. Bestsail delivers you your yacht with all your complete equipment like it was ordered in your order.
The yacht is going to convey to the Bestsail port of your choise.


Your profit:
You will achieve a variable profit controlled by term of your useage and a percentage(*) comission of net gain of charter-income. (*) depends on base

Your costs:
The insurance, the anchorage, the annual after sales service, the shipping charge
(flag, license charge, tax)

Bestsail provides:
All marketing charge, all charges of dealing with customers (percentaged(*) commission of net gain of the charter-invoice).

Contract type:
5 year contract or annual contract which can be proloyed every year by mutual accordance.

Your personal use:
You pre-election about your personal use. The more you sail the less you earn; the less you sail, the more you earn.

End of program:
At the end VPM Bestsail gives you your yacht in a cultivated and seaworthy condition after a general inspection and a check of the inventory.

You decide if:

  • you will keep it for your personal use
  • your yacht is going to be sold to a third party (by youtrself or with our support)
  • you will start a new program with a new boat (we are going to accept your old boat as payment or help you to sell it)

This concept is for yacht owners who either want to get a max. annual rate of return as possible, of their yacht or use theit yacht more than average.