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Easy ownership

Management programs options

With the VPM Bestsail Ownership and Management Programs, you buy the sailboat you prefer, you adapt the type of contract to your financial plan, you coose the destination where you whish to have it based, and you decide the use you plan to have it or of a similar boat each year.

We propose to help you in the purchase of your sailboat and to determin with you the most adapted financial and management solutions to achieve your project.


  • Of your sailboat
    Shipyard type (monohull or catamaran), model and equipment (some models can be considered or not in line with our specifications).
  • Of its finance
    depending on your budget and aims we will find together the most adapted management  and financial scheme.
  • Of its operational base
    our management program options depend on the chosen home base.
  • Of your owner´s use
    depending on the chosen management program and your yearly reservation plan.
  • Of the transport mean of your boat to its base
    through us by cargoship or sea delivery or, why not (?), with you on board.


We can define together the management program best fitted for you

fixed annual income calculated on a percentage of the value of your boat.


variable income based on a share of the turnover of your boat.

Other programs can be studied case by case, such as larger crewed yachts, day charter boats or other projects.