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Cabin cruise & Hotel Coral Strand seychelles: Cocktail Créole on Le Gauguin from Mahé

17-Day-vacation (14 Nights) incl. flights from Frankfurt, Cabin cruise and Hotel

• 7 nights cabin cruise on the catamaran "Le Gauguin" incl. Full board
• 7 nights in the Coral Strand*** Hotel in Mahe, including breakfast
• Transfers on Mahé inclusive (Airport - Eden Island - Hotel - Airport)
• Flights with Ethiopian Airlines (Star Alliance Partner via Addis

Available dates: (Prices per person in double cabin)

• € 2690,- 24.06.2016
• € 2790,- 03.06., 23.09., 30.09.2016
• € 2895,- 27.05., 29.07.2016
• € 2990,- 01.07., 08.07.2016
Not included: Bordcash € 150,- per person (payable on spot)
All prices are subject to availability.

Extras per request (per person):

€ 210,- Hotel half board
€ 66,- Rail&Fly
connecting flights per request
Business Class per request
Direct flights from Frankfurt with Condor

cabin cruise through Seychelles on board of 78 ft. catamaran type Mojito 78 "Le Gauguin"

8 days / 7 nights
Full board
Start day: saturday
Mahé - St. Anne - Praslin - La Digue Coco - Curieuse - Praslin - Cousin - Mahé

Your boat:

You will sail on board of a gorgeous catamaran, whose length (78 ft.) provides you comfort and stability. (The pictures shown here may be only examples.)

Please click here for a 360° walkthrough on the cabin cruise catamaran Mojito 78 "Le Gauguin" in full screen

Everything is prepared to greet a maximum of 24 guests on board (+ Crew, which is made up of 4 persons). The cook will take care of preparing and clearing the table before and after meals. There is a technician / deckhand. There is a hostess on board she is your contact person for any questions about the life on board. Please mind that cabins and bathroom are not cleaned by the crew during your cruise.


The meals will be held together, prominently in the

cockpit. Drinks on board (included in charge): during the whole day table water, coffee, tea. Additionaly during meals: table wine, local aperitifs (punch, rum, fruit juice), sodas. You can buy additional drinks on board. You may at any time victual yourself further to your liking. We also do not mind, if you bring additional, beer or other alcoholic drinks on board. The menu can vary depending on the choice of the local markets as well as the results of the fishing.

Your Yacht and Crew:

There is no classification for sailing catamarans, as you know it from hotel bookings. However, there are means of categorizing which are comparable to the “hotel-stars”.
The sailing turns will be held on yachts with 4 “dolphins”.  Those “dolphins” have been established by us. The categories reach from 1 (=lowest category) up to 5 (=highest category). The catamarans possess the accurate safety equipment, according to the laws of the particular countries (Tracking system, life raft, life vests, etc).

Each guest cabin possesses an “ensuite” bathroom (shower/lavatory). Your active participation in board life is appreciated. Please remember that this is a sailing trip on a catamaran, not on a cruise ship with a large crew. Life on board is interactive.

Your catamaran has a saloon (“living room”) with the kitchen integrated, as well as a cockpit which is protected from wind and strong sun. Most of the interactive life on board will take place here. 

The captain is very experienced, and knows the local area and the boat extremely well. He will point out places of interest, bring you closer to the country and its inhabitants, and will show you the most beautiful bathing and snorkel areas in the whole of the Seychelles. You will swim and snorkel in turquoise blue water, or relax on white beaches while the cook may be already preparing some fish or steaks.

The cabin:

This yacht has 12 guest cabins with lavatory/showers with a basin. Please note that water on board is not unendingly, therefore it has to be handled with care. However the store is large enough to ensure two showers per day for every guest. In any case your captain will remind you to be diligent with the freshwater on board.

The luggage:

The yachts are comfortable, yet the space in the cabins is limited. Therefore we would like to advise you to leave your hard suitcase at home and to use a carpetbag instead, for they are way easier to stash. If you would like to use a hard suitcase anyway, we will allot you a place where it can be kept.


Children over the age of 12 years may take part in cabin cruises. One child will share a cabin with one adult.


Hints and references:

The first evening is dedicated to getting to know other guests and to settle in. Keep in mind, that the guests arrive on different flights and therefore attain the boat at various times. However we cannot be held responsible if the passenger arrives late due to delayed/cancelled flights.

Worth knowing about the cabin cruise:

It is necessary to get a valid passport to clear inward in the different islands. (People with non-EU citizenship please contact us). You will have to pay the "on board cash" prior to embarkation. Following costs are balanced with the "on board cash": entrance fees for marina parks and isles, port and customs charges, water, etc. Please refer to the current pricelist to know the amount of the "on board cash".

Even if your skin is used to the sun: note that on a boat the sun rays are more intense than on land. You will always have a nice breeze on when you are on the boat therefore the strong sun is often felt too late. Thus, it is even more important to be prepared, for it is very easy to get sunburnt or even get a sunstroke, if you do not shield yourself from the sun. A sun hat which does not fall with the first gust of wind is very important. Do not forget your sunglasses either, which are best to be fixed with a string around your throat. A sweatshirt too is advisable, or a shirt with long sleeves combined with long trousers. For the first few days, sun cream with a high sun protection factor should be used.

If you take in medicine: remember to take enough of it, with you from home. On the islands it would be rather difficult to find pharmaceutical which is comparable. There are no laws that enforce you to take any vaccines for the islands you are going to visit.

Seasickness: catamarans sail in a very stable way and are generally straight. Your captain too will try his best to only pass through calm waters. However it is in the nature of sailing, that waves do occur. If you are likely to get seasick, you can discuss with your pharmacist which medicines are the best to take with you in this case.

Water on board is not infinite. The water however, is enough for every member to take two quick showers per day. In any case your captain will remind you to be diligent with the freshwater on board.

Sailing maneuvers and life on board:

To attend one of our cabin cruises, no knowledge about

sailing and the handling of a boat are expected. People which are not sportive too can take part and get to know the beautiful islands in this way. The captain who as a matter of course is a skilled steerman is capable of handling the yacht completely on his own. However you have the chance to learn something about sailing, even though it is not a trip organized for this cause.

Depending on the meteorological rates during your cabin cruise, you will drive a section under engines. That means that the anchoring place will be reached by the engines and that the sails cannot be hoisted.

Mobile and Wifi on board:

Usually there is reception during the cruise, however this may not always be the case. You should contact your mobile provider prior to departure to inform yourself whether your sim-card is unlocked for the region and about any roaming charges that may apply as there is no Wifi / Internet available on board. You can also purchase a Wifi- or Simcard on spot.

You can charge your mobile, photo camera, etc. in the receptacle USB / 220v Plug in the saloon (Navigation).

Safety regulation:

It is strictly forbidden to carry weapons or drugs on board.
Please note that the yacht crosses various boarders and that therefore the coastguard searches yachts in the fight against drugs, every now and again. The captain has the right at any time, to dismiss people from the boat who do not respect the instructions of visiting countries, carry weapons or drugs, disturb the life on board in any way, or put the crew, the guests or the yacht under any kind of danger. The captain in such a case is obliged to inform the appropriate public authorities. In such a case, or if the guest wishes to leave the boat, nothing of the traveling expenses will be refunded.

Depending on the weather, it may happen that part of the distance has to be covered by the engine.

Private cruises , group bookings and incentive sailing cruises:

You may use the same offer for a private journey, including friends and family only, or four your groupe or incentive charter. In this case, no other guests will be attending.  For more information and a personal quote of such a group sailing charter please contact your tour operator.

We would also like you to know, that pictures in the catalogue or on the homepage, do not necessarily show the boat which you have booked your sailing cruise on. Most of the pictures serve as an examples.

Pricelist of the cabin cruise on Le Gauguin :
You'll find here the prices of the cabin cruise in the seychelles "Cocktail Créole on Le Gauguin from Mahé".

Hotel Coral Strand****

8 Days / 7 Nights
Night / Breakfast
Übernachtung / Frühstück


Hotel Description 3.5 star Coral Strand Smart Choice , Mahé :

Located directly on the Beau Vallon beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in Mahé.
The long beach is ideal for relaxing and swimming, especially because the seabed is made ​​of sand
and not corals. Mahé is ideal for guests who would like to experience a variety of entertainment
and sport facilities, as well as experience the local culture. The location further more has the advantage,
that several restaurants and bar are in the area and can be reached by foot. Guests of the Coral Strand
can also use the complex of the 5 star hotel next door the Savoy. Guests of the Coral Strand also benefit
from a 10% discount in all of these facilities. The complex of the Coral Strand has: a reception, lift ,
Internet access (surcharge) , restaurant , bistro , beach bar , barbecue, swimming pool ,
hairdresser , boutique and laundry service . The comfortable double room (occupancy.. Min./max 2 adults)
offer shower / toilet , hairdryer, safe , telephone, mini fridge, coffee / tea maker , air conditioning and
balcony. The single rooms ( occupancy min./max 1 adult..) are double rooms for single use.


Environmental levy Seychelles 01.08.2023

According to the press release dated 13.07.2023 from the Seychelles Ministry of Finance, from 01.08.2023 all visitors to Seychelles will be charged a new environmental tax.

Depending on the size of the hotel or type of accommodation, the following charges apply and must be paid locally by the guest in cash:

- "Small Tourist Accommodation":
with 1 to 24 rooms 25 Seychelles Rupees (currently ca. €2) per person per night.

- "Medium tourist accommodation":
with 25 to 50 rooms 75 Seychelles rupees (currently ca. €5) per person per night

- "Large tourist accommodation":
with more than 50 rooms, yachts and island resorts 100 Seychelles rupees (currently ca. €7) per person per night

Island resorts refer to establishments located on an island other than Mahe, Praslin, La Digue or Cerf Island and as defined in the Tourism Development Act 2019.

Children under 12 years of age are exempt from this regulation.

Press Release (Download)

Environment Protection Act 28.07.2023

CORONA / Covid-19 Info for sailing in the Seychelles

Even though there are currently no compulsory registration or restrictions for travellers in the Seychelles,
please note the current developments on the Website of your local Foreign Office before you travel.

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