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Cabin cruises

The Seychelles Islands provide many advantages for yachtcharter and cabin cruises. The Seychelles is an all year round destination, with temperatures between 26 - 31°C during the day and never below 20°C at night. The constant wind and temperature make it an ideal destination for sailing and watersports.


The main attractions, the most breathtaking sceneries, as well as the most beautiful beaches, are found on several of the 115 islands of the Seychelles. The inner islands can be reached in a relatively short sailing time, therefore you get the most out of all the islands you visit during your cruise. Every island has a different and unique experience to offer, yet they all share the same wonderful character. A sailing cruise also has the advantage compared to traditional island hopping that you visit a new island everyday without having to pack several times. Instead you have everything you might need on your visit with you already.