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Okuklije on the Island Mljet offers all you need: protection, fresh seafood in one of its Konobas as well as nicest views
Korčula Island in front the southern coast of Dalmatia in the Adriatic Sea
Croatian bay
Island with lighthouse in the Adriatic Sea
Round Dubrovnik you can often see replicas of historical boats true to the original
sheltered bays in the east of Mljet
fortified city at the Croatian coast
Croatian marina
departure base of Bestsail - Pulena d.o.o. in Marina Spinut near Split
Sailing to Korcula

Yachtcharter Croatia - Sailing through the thousand islands in the Adriatic

Itinerary Croatia Kvarner and Kvarneric 160 sm

Day 1 - Island Cres, Cres
Total 25 nm

Like most others, also this trip starts with a longer stage. Cres is a town well worth seeing with plenty of restaurants. You also find them by the old harbour, which only is used by the small fishing boats. The marina is a short walk away from it, just along the bay.

Day 2 - Island Krk, Krk and Marina Punat
Total 45 nm

Bora should be kind to you. If this north east wind

is not, it can change your plans for this days stage, as well as the previous day. The north east wind Bora can blow strong and cast storms in the area of Kvarner. However, it is much more likely that the wind is calm, especially in summer. Krk is the main town of the Island which holds the same name. It is a surprisingly lively town, especially the old town, which also holds the atmosphere of past centuries, e.g. with a roman mosaic. If you don't find a place in the harbour of the town you can easily sail to the close by marina Punat.

Day 3 - Islands Grgur, Island Rab, Supertarks and Rab
Total 30 nm

There is some dark history on the island of Grgur. Located between the bigger islands of Krk and Rab the island served many decades as a prison. Today the island is a great location for a stopover on the way to the town Rab on the corresponding island. In summer the streets and alleys of the old town are filled with people, the atmosphere reminds of Italy. The marina is located on the other side of the port basin.

Day 4 - Island Losinj, Veli Losinj; Island Ilovik
Total 25 nm

Moving further off the coast, off to the outer islands. Veli Losinj could be a rewarding destination for the day. The old harbour is still bustling during the day. The only deficit is the limited amount of berths. Be aware of the north east wind, which might occur during nights. It might shake up things a bit. In this case it is recommended to sail to the flower island Ilovik, it offers almost perfect protection.

Day 5 - Island Susak

Total 10 nm

Nobody should miss out on Susak. The only island in Croatia which is a complete sand island. The town of Susak is surrounded by a trail through high grass, which offers a nice hiking route starting at the small harbour and leading by the lighthouse and an intriguing graveyard. There is a nice anchoring ground by the harbour, but be aware of the Bora winds.

Day 6 - Pomer
Total: 25 nm

In one stint or with a stop at Unije or in the bay of Medulin. Your trip ends in the bay of Portic. You will be expected in the base by the staff.

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Please note that this is a suggested itinerary and not all yachts have the necessary licences / insurance to call at all destinations / islands.

Please clarify this with the charter company before planning your trip. You will receive the necessary papers for your route planning from the lessor before the start of the charter, so these must be requested from the hirer / skipper in good time. The terms and conditions of the lessor / yacht owner and, if applicable, their restrictions apply.